Migraine Pain Help

migraineIf you get migraine or tension headaches on a regular basis, Willow Dental has some solutions to help: Stabilization splints. We have had great success with these for headache sufferers. They can also be used for those who have tooth wear problems, pain in jaw muscles, or for protecting mouth surfaces while healing.

A custom fitted stabilization splint is more comfortable and smaller than a regular bite-guard. Stabilization splints are used for these benefits:

  • Reduction of teeth grinding and help with unusual muscle contractions with a nearly 70% success rate.
  • They don’t trigger a gag reflex, so you will wear it more often to get the benefits from it.
  • Inexpensive with fewer side effects than drugs
  • You avoid the need for repairing teeth due to clenching of the jaw and teeth grinding while you sleep

Stabilization splints could be the answer to your headache problems. Talk to us to see if stabilization splints can help you.